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Training Schedule

Training: Level V (Movement Re-education and Neuroplasticity)

Faculty: Amrita Daigle

When: May 16-18, 2020

Where: Quebec City, Quebec

Language of Instruction: French (English if needed) 

Cost:  $450.00 CAN 

Contact:  Amrita Daigle, 418-659-7907,

Prerequisite:  Level IV + Active Practitioner

Notes: Tuition is in CAN dollars, great rate advantage for people coming from Europe and the USA. $25.00 CAN discount if total amount paid by April 15. Beautiful French flavour town. Affordable accommodation available. Kindly register as a soon as possible, for logistical reasons.


Training: Level IV

Faculty: Gail Stewart 

When: July 10-12, 2020

Where: Toronto, Ontario

Language of Instruction: English

Contact:  Nadine Feldman, 416-406-0836,  

Notes: Tuition is in CAD dollars. $50.00 CAD discount if total amount paid by May 22. Please contact Nadine if you require assistance re travel and accommodations. Kindly register by May 29, 2020. 


Training: Level 1 


When: TBA


Language of Instruction












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