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Trager - delightful and peaceful

My experience with Trager has been profoundly delightful. The physical restrictions I experience from pain, inflammation and muscular congestion are gently rocked away. I was most aware of how quickly my body moved into relaxation and ease of movement. My practitioner's ability to hold the space and energy trace with such precision allowed my body to unfold into its original ease and form. Trager lulls me into ease of breath, ease of movement and most of all, a peaceful quiet inside.

Pamela McDonald, Ontario

Trager gives relief for symptoms of fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue

I started Trager to relieve muscle rigidity associated with Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and high heavy-metals toxicity. With table work every two weeks initially, and daily 'off-table' mindful body awareness and Mentastics exercises, extreme muscle tension melted steadily... tension gave way to ease... movement became freer, less painful... I slept better...

I found myself savouring the simple joys of life more often, more deeply.

During this time, I also read Audrey Mairi's book, Trager for Self-Healing... and have returned to it time and time again. I came to notice certain longstanding patterns in my thoughts, feelings, activities, responses... that have made life unnecessarily difficult.

The keen intuition, gentle persuasion and suggestions of my Trager practitioner's hands and voice have also been hugely important... deeply comforting, reassuring, and healing.

Trager transformed me on many levels. Its special value lies in three key things:

  • It focuses my attention on body sensations...
  • Unlike other physical therapies, it invites softness and ease from within, rather than forcing it on me...
  • It reminds me that lightness is possible in spite of issues over which we have no control, that we need to know what we're really feeling, that we have choice in terms of our feelings and responses.

Liz Arthur, Ontario

Emotional release welcomed during Trager

During my Trager sessions, I have been able to release tension, tightness and pain throughout my body, and I find that it impacts my emotions too. I would never have believed how much emotion is stored and stuck in various muscle groups, and with each release, I never knew whether I would be giddy and joyful, or releasing sadness and overcome with tears.

Regardless of the emotion, I never wanted my treatments to end, and during the subsequent days my body and mind both were in amazing shape, and craving the next opportunity to enjoy such a wonderful experience.

Paula Gardner, Ontario

Trager reduces pain, promotes confident movement, releases depression

For more than a quarter of my eighty years, I have been suffering from the effects of an idiopathic peripheral neuropathy, a debilitating and painful malfunction of the nerves in the feet and legs. It affects my sense of balance and often makes every step something to consider carefully.

In my search for any kind of relief, I found Trager. Thank God! My Trager practitioner is the most intuitive healer I have ever encountered. For more than an hour she works every muscle and stiff tendon in my body, loosening and balancing pain and tension away - leaving me with a feeling of total relaxation and well being. With her hands and her compassion, she seems to be able to perform small miracles.

To keep up the effects of her hands-on treatment, she has been teaching me Mentastics. They are gentle movements that feel amazingly good and relaxing. They can become part of almost any daily activity, standing or sitting, and can fill any 'lazy' moment that one might often spend just vegetating or watching TV.

I am aware that I will never be without pain but I move with so much more confidence and feel generally less depressed. I owe her a great "Thanks".

Brigitte Caplan, Ontario

Trager for Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - pain reduced, walking improved

I heard about Trager after having an acute attack of MS. I heard that it had helped a woman walk again and that she danced when she got off the Trager table.

I was unable to walk very well, I was in extreme pain, and couldn't connect with various parts of my body.

I loved Mentastics right from the start. They allowed me to feel more comfortable sitting, walking and standing. Later on I could feel the pain and tension slowly leaving my body. I love it.

Mentastics are wonderful tools to get me through my day and the Trager sessions relieve my stress and pain.

I now feel stronger. I am in very little pain and I walk much more balanced than before. I attribute these positive gains from receiving Trager.

Tracey Foreman, Ontario

Trager allows space for inner work and "being"

What a joy to be fully present with my practitioner, our energies bending with each other like a dance. Trager enables me to do some inner work that I have been putting off. It is like giving oneself the gift of time to just be... with a deep breath passing oxygen to all your body, being ready for the next step on the journey.

Dalice Livingston, 80 years young, Ontario

That Light and Loose Feeling

Trager helped me remember the light and loose feeling my body loves. i come away from Trager treatments so relaxed and rejuvenated.

Kathy Milliken, Sarnia, ON

The Person I Want to Be

As a busy person, I often don't take time to notice the stiffness and tension that accumulates in my muscles. I spend more and more hours each day working on a computer and fewer hours allowing my body to move freely. Through Trager sessions with Janet and Richard , I have learned to become aware of how I hold the tension in my body and how it can be released. I was amazed after my first Trager session to feel the difference it made. Through Trager, I have developed a heightened awareness of the relaxed state my body should be in. This is the healthy person I want to be.

Carol Graham, Petrolia, ON

Relaxation for Body and Mind

Trager does not only provide an effective method to relaxation, but it educates us as to how much stress we carry mentally and physically. It teaches us not only to recognize these stresses, but how to release them. In an office environment where we are stationary for the majority of the day, a few minutes of Trager exercise can not only relax our bodies, but our minds as well.

Kelly Hext, Petrolia, ON

Trager work is one of the least invasive forms of bodywork. It can be used as a method of rehabilitation especially by people suffering from traumatic injuries, and other chronic neuromuscular problems.

Andrew Weil, M.D., author of Spontaneous Healing