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What are Mentastics?

Mentastics® are free-flowing, dance-like, playful movements that help you discover the feeling of lightness and letting go. Mentastics are done while standing, sitting, and lying down. They help you recall the feelings of deep relaxation and effortless movement that you experienced during Trager table work.

Dr. Trager developed Mentastics - a term coined from combining "mental" and "gymnastics" - to encourage playful exploration of "what could be freer?" for your body.

Mentastics can be done on your own and integrated into your daily activities. Like the table work, Mentastics release stress, tension and pain and help you further develop the feelings of ease, freedom, flexibility and joy that you experienced during Trager table work.

Mentastics are taught during individual Trager sessions and in group classes.

And it all starts by asking questions such as,
 What is lighter?
   What is softer?
     What is freer?

Milton Trager