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How would it feel to move in your body without restriction, without pain, without tightness or stiffness?

Pause and ask yourself: "How would my life change if I were able to move more easily?"
Trager® bodywork allows you to move more freely with less pain and tension. You'll feel looser, deeply relaxed, and have greater mental clarity.

Discover the Trager Approach in one minute

If you have restrictions in your ability to move one or more parts of your body, Trager can help you release these, gently and effectively. Whatever the cause of the restriction - an accident or injury, an illness, stress, trauma, a congenital condition - these constraints become habits in your body, causing problems that interfere with joyful, easy movement. In order to change these limiting patterns, you need to experience comfort, support, ease and simplicity in moving. Trager is incomparable in providing exactly this.

Work done with a Trager practitioner makes your body feel good, and when your body feels good it works well.

Trager practitioners use touch and gentle, pleasurable movements that easily release tension, tightness, and pain from your body. Trager can ease a wide range of physical conditions and the effects of Trager sessions are deep and long-lasting.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about what Trager can do for you, to find a Trager practitioner near you, and learn how to become a Trager practitioner.

Discover the Trager Approach in five minutes